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March 10, 2014:
Newer truck rocker panel designs available.


Custom Panel Design

One of the issues with creating custom panels for models made in in 2010 decade model years is that truck doors often have molded features that preclude paneling installation.

Rocker Panel Trim & Molding

Chevy Ford Dodge Truck and Jeep Rocker Panels - New and Replacement

Rocker PanelsRocker Panels are a great way to personalize a vehicle, whether you're driving a truck, a tricked-out car, or a limousine. Chrome and Stainless Steel Rocker Panels are easy to apply and generally stay on for the life of the vehicle. If one of your doors, panels, or fenders is damaged, you can even order replacement rocker panel pieces, but sometimes a single piece costs almost as much as a whole set. Stainless steel rocker panel are available for Chevy trucks, Corvettes, and even for the Chevy Nova, in case you're an aficianado. Rocker panel molding has consistently been a popular aftermarket item, and although it is best known for its use on limos and luxury cars, anyone who has a pickup truck should consider the value of panels that can protect against scratches, rust, and some of the evils that can befall any vehicle on or off the road. If you're getting chrome, stainless, or diamondplate rocker panels you also want to make sure you wash the road salt off of it, because salt is bad for steel of any kind, even surgical grade stuff. Replacement door and body panels don't come cheap, so preserving them can improve the resale value of your vehicle. As a quick aside, we have had car dealers buy rocker panels to cover over holes in the bodywork, so keep this in mind if you're buying a used vehicle, or if you want to sell one with damage that a rocker panel can cover.

Even though limo rocker panels are always in season, you can add a little flair to just about any car that isn't molded out of obtuse plastics which don't make upgrades easy. Even for those, there are thin panels and plastic stick-on features that resemble chrome, even though they are not quite as good.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always Dry-Fit Rocker Panels before installation, and make sure to clean the surface with the manufacturer's recommended solvent. Usually MEK is recommended but you want to make sure you aren't leaving any waxes, dust, or dirt in between the peel-and-stick backing and the vehicle. You want to dry fit these because they won't come off that easily once they are on, so make sure you got the right cut for the right vehicle.